Large Hummingbird Feeders

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world. It has a high metabolic rate, thanks to the amount of flying it does. If you live in an area that is popular with hummers and you love bird watching, you need to prepare to welcome them. Their numbers increase toward the end of summer, as they get ready to migrate. It would be a good idea to get a larger hummingbird feeder to attract more of them to your garden.

A visit to the Amazon website reveals several large hummingbird feeders on offer.

    1) Large 80-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder with 10 Port Base by Kettle Moraine

    Large 80-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder with 10 Port Base by Kettle Moraine

    A hummingbird feeder with ten feeding ports is bound to attract several hummers. Each feeding port can accommodate several birds at a time. The red base of the feeder is also a major hummer magnet.

    This large, plastic feeder, with a capacity of 80 ounces, does not need topping up as frequently as smaller feeders. The wide-mouthed design also makes it very easy to clean.

    If you are looking for a feeder that you do not have to rush home to refill in the middle of the day, this is it!

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      2) 72-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder by Best-1

      72-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder by Best-1

      Large hummingbird feeders make great gifts for nature lovers. If you have friends who are into nature, get them this feeder from Best-1.

      This hummingbird feeder features eight feeding stations and a 72-ounce nectar container. Although there will be more birds feeding at a time, frequent refilling is not necessary. Moreover, this feeder allows the birds to have an easy time while feeding because the tiny feeding holes will restrict any envisioned disturbance from bees and wasps.

      This product comes pre-assembled and ready to hang but taking the different sections apart for cleaning is a simple process. You also should not worry about rust as all the pieces of this feeder are made of plastic.

      Do you have a friend who has always wanted a hummingbird feeder? This product from Best-1 is the perfect gift.

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      1. The Grand Master 220 48-ounce Hummingbird Feeder by Perky Pet

      The Grand Master 220 48-ounce Hummingbird Feeder by Perky Pet

      As the name suggests, this product by Perky-Pet is a step ahead of all other large hummingbird feeders. While it is hard to know how much nectar is left in most hummingbird feeders, it is the opposite with the Grand Master because you can see right into the reservoir. The feeder’s other upside is that its plastic reservoir is robust enough to handle adverse weather.

      The bright yellow on the six feeding ports attracts the hummers. When they get to the feeder, they find whole 48 ounces of nectar to gobble up. The reservoir only needs filling up once a day, or every other day. Keeping your unit clean is not a hassle as all the openings are reasonably sized and reachable.

      This 1.4-pound feeder is perfect for inviting hummers to your garden for a farewell snack before they migrate to warmer areas.

      1. Big Gulp 40-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder by More Birds

      Big Gulp 40-Ounce Hummingbird Feeder by More Birds

      This attractive product from More Birds is suitable for the hummingbird lover who wants a large, classy feeder. Picture this glass feeder in your garden, with the early morning rays of sun shining through it.

      The base of this feeder has seven cute yellow flowers to entice hummers and an ant moat to keep ants away from your precious nectar. The seven perches on this feeder form a neat design around the base.

      You do not need to worry about keeping your feeder clean, as the base is easy to remove. And thanks to the 40-ounce reservoir, you can forget about frequent refills.

      Purchase this feeder and get ready to see the hummers make merry on your backyard.

        5) Dr. JB’s Complete Switchable 80-ounce Feeder with Red Flowers by Songbird Essentials

        Dr. JB’s Complete Switchable 80-ounce Feeder with Red Flowers by Songbird Essentials

        Songbird Essentials have a product that is ideal for use for the entire hummingbird season. Users have the option of purchasing extra bottles in different sizes to cater for the hummingbird population.

        This hummingbird feeder has a two-piece base that you can separate when cleaning. The wide mouth of the bottle facilitates easy refills. Refilling does not happen that often, though, thanks to the 80-ounce capacity of the reservoir. This plastic feeder is completely dishwasher safe.

        If you are planning to make the most of the hummingbird season, this is the feeder for you.

        Large Hummingbird Feeders are readily available at prices starting from $14. Hang a couple of these in your garden, and enjoy the aerial antics of the birds as they zip around!

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